Shireen Nori

Shireen Nori is a South-Asian American community organizer and educator from Seattle, WA. A graduate of Whitman College with a BA in Politics, Shireen has been committed to reproductive healthcare and justice for nearly nine years. She currently works as a Regional Field Organizer at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii and has been involved with Planned Parenthood Federation of America as a national spokesperson, youth organizer, and volunteer. Shireen's work primarily focuses on the intersections of reproductive justice, racial, and economic justice.

“I believe in the power of community organizing. I believe it is the will of the people that will determine our future. We have a huge opportunity for individuals to shape what will be the reality for future generations - to ensure security, safety, and opportunity for all. To be an effective organizer is to do less talking, and more listening to communities that we haven't always shown up for. To be a good organizer is to understand that it's not a spectator sport. To move people to action is to believe in the power of grassroots organizing -- that even if we don't win the first time, we get back up and try again.”
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