A Win for #BlackWomxn

Yesterday’s Alabama race was emotionally exhausting. Going into it, I had little hope. It has been a tough year. To listen to and read about the overwhelming number of people not only in our communities, but in leadership roles showing support for a child molesting racist- it has shaken me to my core. Perhaps the Alabama race triggered my post-election PTSD. Yes, the struggle has been real.

Black womxn saved us again yesterday- 98% of black womxn voted for Jones (vs. 63% of white womxn who voted for said child molesting racist). Take a look at the numbers from the exit polls below from The Washington Post.

The numbers do not lie. Facts matter. This is not a win the Democratic Party should claim. My heart is full when I say this- this win belongs to black womxn.

From The Root:  

“Black women have been leading in grassroots organizing that’s been happening across the South and the nation for several years, particularly since the Trayvon Martin case,” said Bree Newsome, an activist who made international news for scaling a flag post to take down a Confederate flag in South Carolina in 2015. “Many interpret the resistance as having begun in January of 2017, but what we are seeing now is the electoral result of long-term organizing efforts spearheaded by black women. We were actively resisting racism and sexism before Trump and the Alabama Senate race.”

This win should be celebrated, and we should be thankful. We should be humbled by the efforts it took to narrowly defeat this monster. But most importantly, we should be moved to action. We should support black womxn. Listen to them, believe them, and we should elevate them. Elect them to leadership roles. We need to follow them. I am committed to doing so. Are you?

I would like to personally thank all my strong black womxn social justice superheroes who have been doing this exhausting work- you know who you are. I see you, I hear you. You have been there for me through thick and thin, carrying me in my time of need- fighting strangers to protect me. I am committed to elevating you. I am always here to fight alongside with you. And I will follow you. Intersectional Feminism always.



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